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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Result: Manny Pacquiao VS Marco Antonio Barrera II


Manny strikes again! The result of which is said to be the last fight of Barrera before stepping out of the world of boxing turned out to be in favor of Pacquiao, the peoples champion.

On their last conference before the fight, On interview Barrera showed huge confidence and said that the fight would be different from the last one. He added on his statement about him using the right gloves with the right thickness (as if he was trying to recall and tell about the glove issue during Pacquiao VS Morales I). On the other hand, Pacquiao didn't say much and instead he just thanked his supporters specially his wife.

During the entire fight, it looked like Manny Pacquiao had more will to win than Barrera. Only the 2nd and 3rd round goes to Barrera, and the rest goes to Pacquiao. There were actually not much of action happened not like everybody expected. This fight is so rare for both fighters because nobody got knocked down on the entire 12 rounds of boxing. Yes, it reached round 12. Many thought that Barrera would be more aggressive and furious this time because it's his last fight, but no, he didn't show some heart pounding moves, same as for Pacquiao, as if they were both playing safe, and carefully waiting for the perfect chance where they could release their power punches. In this fight, Barrera is more on counter attacking Pacquiaos punches, but it looked like that he was just doing it to stop Pacquiaos rapid jabs and punches from getting through his cover, and to avoid getting pinned on a corner. Pacquiao, eventhough he is on attack mode, he still had some difficulties connecting his world class punches to Barrera because Barrera might have mistaken Pacquiao to be his cute teddy bear (he keeps on hugging and clinching Pacquiao). The fight was just like an ordinary boxing, but the thing is, it was played by extraordinary boxers. It didn't fit.

On the 11th round, this is where the atmosphere turned hot. Both boxers were maybe thinking that somebody has to fall off because both were not used to reaching the end of the fight without someone getting knocked down. But unfortunately for Barrera, the 11th round is still Pacquiaos round. Barrera got wounded under his right eye because of accidental headbutt. Then he almost got knocked off after being hit several times by Pacmans heavy punches. If only not because of his (Barrera) dirty tactics, he would have been on the floor watching the referee counting. Barrera hit pacquiao on the head even when the referee was still breaking them. His points were deducted, but also through that he had bought some little time and managed to regain his balance. On the 12th round, their fans were still hoping that someone will be knocked down, but unfortunately no one did.

Well, to make the long story short, Pacquiao won and is now the new WBC super featherweight champion of the world. Barrera will go home with his bloody cheek, no belt, and surely disappointed.

You can watch the video HERE for the 11th and 12th round where Barrera almost fall off, and his dirty little tactics.

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