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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Its been 2 weeks since I made this blog, but due to some unavoidable circumstances (major exams, project proposal, and ahhemm... hang overs) I wasnt able to make my first post.
Well, this time I finally had it. My very first post for this blog.
This post is going to be all about me, and ONLiNE_ROOM.

Well, my name is jay, jaytwo for short =). I am still a student, studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Xavier University (guess where that is...) Time to time I will be posting some interesting things, including my experiencesand daily encounters of being a student nurse (hospital settings, stressful duties, bloody images, happy moments, and some random thoughts). I live in this small city named Cagayan de Oro, it's quite small compared to other gigantic cities but it has a gigantic heart because it is known as the city of golden friendship... Guess where that is, again..=) I have lots of friends, and I usually spend my spare time(often 36hrs a week) hanging out with them, and if not? I'm in front my computer monitor with my cute little fingers on my keyboard. Surfing the net, chatting, finding what's new and hot, and watching p*rns (joke!)... I love music, I play guitars, base guitars, and even vocals =)... I am very creative, and usually look at things differently. Im interested in knowing lots of people around the globe, and that is one of the reasons why I made this blog with chat.

About the ONLiNE_ROOM. Actually, at first, my intentions are quite like the same as a newbie trying to make money online through blog. Do you know that feeling when you first seen or heard that word saying "making money online easily"? and you are in a situation that you really need to have some money? Well, asfor me, I felt very excited when i was first intoduced to that. But as time goes by, I realized that earning money online is not that easy btw. Especially when all you have on your head is money, money, and money. I felt like for some time I was possessed by some kind of "earn money online spirit!" =) but now, thanks, I have taken control over myself, and managed to chill out =) With that, I tried to find what really interests me, and not that making money thing... Then there came into my mind, the ONLiNE_ROOM... I finally found my foot in the right shoes. At last I've come to a realization on what is it I really want to do regarding my online life. I want to meet,know, and make friends with various people all around the globe through internet and share both our sides anything under the sun. I want other people to know what's on my mind as well as knowing what's on theirs. So the MMO thing is now just a side line... =)

So, ONLiNE_ROOM would be much more like a coffee shop or a lounge, onlyonline. This will serve as a chatroom for bloggers and everyone online. Share each others insights and ideas, what's new, what's hot. Promote each others blogs. Talk business, or simply join the discussion, or just relax, observe, listen to music, and give yourself a breakfrom all the stresses the online world has brought you...

Well, online room is just less than a month old, and is still subject for modifications. I may add more chatrooms later if necessary. Each room will have its own category... My only problem now is TRAFFIC.. I've been finding ways to increase its traffic, so far I'm looking forward to it.. If you're kind enough to help me regarding increasing my traffic, I would really be glad, happy, and appreaciate your help.

Well, this is it for my first post. Check ONLiNE_ROOM later for more interesting things to come! =) Take care everyone! Thank you for visiting and reading... I'm already sleepy. I cant think straight.. =) Good night all.. =)