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Friday, August 29, 2008

FYI #1 Spotless Dalmatian?

Love dalmatians? Well for those of you who still don't know... FYI all dalmatian dogs are born white... Yes pure white; they aren't start getting that black spots until they are three or four days old.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corn In Your Gas Tank?

interesting unusual facts corn picCorn... Let me give you a quick interesting fact about corn. Well, as of now, oil companies are enjoying their race of high pricing on almost all of what they can get with their rigs - Which also results a soaring price on every gasoline stations we see at every corner. Thus heavily affecting almost everything and everybody. With that, I might as well start putting corn in my gas tank! Yes corn.

Ethanol, a clear and colorless liquid - When mixed with gasoline, it greatly helps the gasoline to burn more efficiently. And guess what... Ethanol is made of corn. Yes, that delicious and nutritious corn you just ate =). That means saving on gas consumption and at the same time less pollution your car creates.

So if you're greatly affected with gasoline price issues, get up and go to your backyard. AND START PLANTING CORN!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


The world is full of surprises. Full of hidden sparks and dazzling details that will truly go beyond the usuals that we know of. Unusual facts that are just right there, behind the very commons that surrounds us.


    Walt Disney had wooden teeth.

    The hundred billionth crayon made by Crayola was Perriwinkle Blue.

    Montana mountain goats will butt heads so hard their hooves fall off

    The coast line around Lake Sakawea in North Dakota is longer than the California coastline along the Pacific Ocean

    Sylvia Miles had the shortest performance ever nominated for an Oscar with "Midnight Cowboy." Her entire role lasted only six minutes.

    Kitsap County, Washington, was originally called Slaughter County, and the first hotel there was called the Slaughter House.

    Dinosaur droppings are called coprolites, and are actually fairly common.

    The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

    One of the smallest plants 'Cyclococcolithus leptoporus' ahs and elaborate outer shell of patterned scales. They are so tiny that 500 would fit on the head of a pin.

    Back in Medieval times family pets often slept up in the thatched rafters of the dwelling where it was warm. However when it rained, they were often washed down... Hence the saying, It's raining cats and dogs.

    In 1471 a chicken in Basel, Switzerland, was found guilty of laying a brightly colored egg "in defiance of natural law". It was burned at the stake as "a devil in disguise".

    Some people believe an acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.
    An acorn at the window will keep lightning out.

    A capon is a castrated rooster.

    A Cornish game hen is really a young chicken, usually 5 to 6 weeks of age, that weighs no more than 2 pounds.

    A baby eel is called an elver, a baby oyster is called a spat.

    Bingo is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box.

    On a trip to the South Sea islands, French painter Paul Gauguin stopped off briefly in Central America, where he worked as a laborer on the Panama Canal.

    There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.

    Charles de Gaulle's final words were, "It hurts."

    Gatorade was named for the University of Florida Gators where it was first developed.

    Brooklyn is the Dutch name for "broken valley"

    There are four states where the first letter of the capital city is the same letter as the first letter of the state: Dover, Delaware; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    There are four cars and ten lightposts on the back of a ten-dollar bill.

    Venetian blinds were invented in Japan.

    Armored knights raised their visors to identify themselves when they rode past their king. This custom has become the modern military salute

    ABBA got their name by taking the first letter from each of their first names (Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anni-frid.)

    The first electric Christmas lights were created by a telephone company PBX installer. Back in the old days, candles were used to decorate Christmas trees. This was obviously very dangerous. Telephone employees are trained to be safety concious. This installer took the lights from an old switchboard, connected them together, strung them on the tree, and hooked them to a battery.

    White Out was invented by the mother of Mike Nesmith (Formerly of the Monkees)

    The "huddle" in football was formed due a deaf football player who used sign language to communicate and his team didn't want the opposition to see the signals he used and in turn huddled around him.

    There is no such thing as naturally blue food, even blueberries are purple.

    It was illegal to sell ET dolls in France because there is a law against selling dolls without human faces.

    A father sea catfish keeps the eggs of his young in his mouth until they are ready to hatch. He will not eat until his young are born, which may take several weeks.

    All pet hamsters are descended from a single female wild golden hamster found with a litter of 12 young in Syria in 1930.

    Herbert Mullin slaughtered 13 people after voices told him that murder was necessary to prevent California from suffering an earthquake. (Mullin went to great pains to point out that California did indeed avoid an earthquake during his murder spree.)

    A penguin only has sex twice a year.

    Mr. Spock's (of Star Trek) blood type was T-Negative.

    A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours.

    A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

    The statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro is exactly facing the statue of Christ in Lisbon, Portugal.

    There are 118 ridges on the outside of a dime.

    The dot above an 'i' is called a tittle.

    A peanut is not a nut; it is a legume.

    It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

    Raw cashews are poisonous and must be roasted before they can be eaten (this is probably one reason that you can't buy cashews in the shell)

    Vietnamese currency consists only of paper money; no coins.

    During his entire life, Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting, Red Vineyard at Arles.

    A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

    Skin is thickest on the back -- 1/6 of an inch

    The most sensitive finger is the forefinger.

    Panama hats come from Ecuador not Panama.

    Urea is found in human urine and dalmatian dogs and nowhere else.

    Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

    The Beatles song "Dear Prudence" was written about Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence, when she wouldn't come out and play with Mia and the Beatles at a religious retreat in India.

    The state of Maryland has no natural lakes.

    Cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them; a fully ripened cranberry can be dribbled like a basketball.

    St. Paul, Minnesota was originally called Pigs Eye after a man who ran a saloon there.

    The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.

    Moisture, not air, causes super glue to dry.

    Charles Lindbergh took only four sandwiches with him on his famous transatlantic flight.

    Sarsaparilla is the root that flavors root beer.

    The U.S. Mint in Denver, Colorado is the only mint that marks its pennies.

    A full moon always rises at sunset.

    It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

    Rabbits love licorice.

    Kelsey Grammar sings and plays the piano for the theme song of Fraiser.

    Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

    The original plan for Disneyland included a Lilliputland.

    The Sanskrit word for "war" means "desire for more cows."

    The "ZIP" in Zip Code stands for "Zone Improvement Plan."

    The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.

    No matter how big or small the piece of paper, you can't fold it in half eight times.

    The female ferret is referred to as a `jill'.

    Alexander the Great was an epileptic.

    Elvis had a twin brother named Garon, who died at birth, which is why Elvis' middle name was spelled Aron; in honor of his brother.

    The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

    M & M's were developed so that soldiers could eat candy without getting their fingers sticky.

    The Grateful Dead were once called The Warlocks.

    Pinocchio was made of pine.

    A banana tree is not a tree; it is an herb.

    Alma mater means bountiful mother.

    Glass flutes do not expand with humidity so their owners are spared the nuisance of tuning them.

    Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by a lightning strike.

    Reindeer milk has more fat than cow milk.

    The "L.L." in L.L. Bean stands for Leon Leonwood.

    The Amazon rainforest produces half the world's oxygen supply.

    A group of kangaroos is called a mob.

    A group of whales is called a pod.

    A group of geese is called a gaggle.

    Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them looks like
    it's kissing the conveyor belt.

    Money isn't made out of paper, it's made out of linen.

    A rhinoceros's horn is made of hair.

    Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.

    Shrimps' hearts are in their heads.

    Both Hitler and Napoleon were missing one testicle.

    Stalin was only five feet, four inches tall.

    The Baby Ruth candy bar was actually named after Grover Cleveland's baby daughter, Ruth.

    Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours of sleep per day and can walk underwater.

    Polar bears' fur is not white, it's clear. Polar bear skin is actually black. Their hair is hollow and acts like fiber optics, directing sunlight to warm their skin.

    To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs -it will let you go instantly.

    Killer whales kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode.

    The only planet without a ring is earth.

    If you feed a seagull Alka-Seltzer, its stomach will explode.

    The raised reflective dots in the middle of highways are called Botts dots.

    Don MacLean's song "American Pie" was written about Buddy Holly.

    Impotence is legal grounds for divorce in 24 American states.

    The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

    'Strengths' is the longest word in the English language with just one vowel.

    Twinkies aren't made, they're formed by a chemical process.

    A family of six died in Oregon during WWII as a result of a Japanese balloon bomb.

    AM and PM stand for "Ante-Meridian" and "Post-Meridian," respectively, and A.D. Actually stands for "Anno Domini" rather than "After Death.

    The first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone in a hot air balloon was
    a Stanford alumni.

    Benito Mussolini would ward off the evil eye by touching his testicles.

    Almost half the bones in your body are in your hands and feet.

    A flamingo can eat only when its head is upside down.

    The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

    The average garden variety caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head.

    An elephant can be pregnant for up to two years.

    Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.

    Marijuana is Spanish for 'Mary Jane.'

    One of the many Tarzans, Karmuela Searlel, was mauled to death on the set by a raging elephant.

    Professional ballerinas use about twelve pairs of toe shoes per week.

    There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.

    Cranberry Jello is only sold in November and December, and is the only jello flavor that comes from real fruit, not artificial flavoring.

    Pocahontas appeared on the back of the $20 bill in 1875

    Crickets hear through their knees.

    Turnips turn green when sunburnt.

    Pigs, walruses and light-colored horses can be sunburned.

    Crows have the largest cerebral hemispheres, relative to body size, of any avian family.

    Mr. Rogers is an ordained minister.

    St. Bernard is the patron saint of skiers.

    John Lennon's first girlfriend was named Thelma Pickles.

    Of all U.S. Presidents, none lived to be older than John Adams, who died at the age of 91.

These Unusual Facts are just about 1 percent of all the unusual facts out there. So therefore you have many reasons to explore life more than just the usual. Go... It's just around the corner...


Interesting facts
    The IRS employees tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.

    During WWII, because a lot of players were called to duty, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles combined to become The Steagles.

    Nearly 22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong account over the next hour.

    More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.

    There are more fatal car accidents in July than any other month.

    There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.

    More than 2 million documents will be lost by the IRS this year.

    Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

    Washington, D.C. has one lawyer for every 19 residents!

    Avocados have more protein than any other fruit.

    The average car produces a pound of pollution every 25 miles!

    Cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them; a fully ripened cranberry can be dribbled like a basketball.

    In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die!

    The most powerful electric eel is found in the rivers of Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, and Peru, and produces a shock of 400-650 volts.

    If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

    Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any country.

    In India, people are legally allowed to marry a dog!

    You are more likely to get attacked by a cow than a shark.

    Half of all identity thieves are either relatives, friends, or neighbors of their victims.

    One in three male motorists picks their nose while driving.

    The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot.

    Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

    The average person laughs 13 times a day.

    Do you know the names of the three wise monkeys? They are:Mizaru(See no evil), Mikazaru(Hear no evil), and Mazaru(Speak no evil)

    Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

    German Shepherds bite humans more than any other breed of dog.

    Large kangaroos cover more than 30 feet with each jump.

    Whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound.

    California has issued at least 6 drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ.

    Kangaroos can not walk backwards.

    'Jedi' is an official religion, with over 70,000 followers, in Australia.

    According to a recent survey, more than half of British adults have had sex in a public place!

    Most alcoholic beverages contain all 13 minerals necessary to sustain human life.

    Nachos is the food most craved by pregnant women.

    Each year, 24,000 Americans are bitten by rats!

    Most dreams last only 5 to 20 minutes.

    The hair of an adult man or woman can stretch 25 percent of its length without breaking.

    On average, the life span of an American dollar bill is eighteen months.

    Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

    The first domain name ever registered was

    Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate every second.

    U.S. President Calvin Coolidge liked to eat breakfast while having his head rubbed with Vaseline.

    When a giraffe's baby is born it falls from a height of six feet, normally without being hurt.

    Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

    The creator of the NIKE Swoosh symbol was paid only $35 for the design.

    How does a shark find fish? It can hear their hearts beating.

    Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water.

    In ten minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world's nuclear weapons combined!

    Dalmatians are born without spots.

    Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

    The ‘v’ in the name of a court case does not stand for ‘versus’, but for ‘and’ (in civil proceedings) or ‘against’ (in criminal proceedings).

    Men’s shirts have the buttons on the right, but women’s shirts have the buttons on the left.

    The owl is the only bird to drop its upper eyelid to wink. All other birds raise their lower eyelids.

    The reason honey is so easy to digest is that it’s already been digested by a bee.

    Roosters cannot crow if they cannot extend their necks.

    The color blue has a calming effect. It causes the brain to release calming hormones.

    Every time you sneeze some of your brain cells die.

    Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.

    The verb “cleave” is the only English word with two synonyms which are antonyms of each other: adhere and separate.

    When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.

    When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

    The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903, and used a tomato can for a carburetor.

    The lion that roars in the MGM logo is named Volney.

    Google is actually the common name for a number with a million zeros.

    Switching letters is called spoonerism. For example, saying jag of Flapan, instead of flag of Japan.

    It cost 7 million dollars to build the Titanic and 200 million to make a film about it.

    The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes dimples.

    There are 1,792 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

    The sound you hear when you crack your knuckles is actually the sound of nitrogen gas bubbles bursting.

    Human hair and fingernails continue to grow after death.

    It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

    The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

    Most soccer players run 7 miles in a game.

    The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea in the eye. It takes in oxygen directly from the air.

    The human heart creates enough pressure while pumping to squirt blood 30 feet!!

    If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side.

    If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. For when a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

    Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.

    Your tongue is germ free only if it is pink. If it is white there is a thin film of bacteria on it.

    The Mercedes-Benz motto is “Das Beste oder Nichts” meaning “the best or nothing”.

    The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal.

    The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing.

    The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.

    Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

    The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.
Interesting facts sources: hemmy & dave's daily

Some UNUSUAL FACTS about the human body

Our body is not as general and simple as you see. In fact, it is one of the most complicated being on earth. Here are some unusual facts about the human body if you want to know why.
    You get a new stomach lining every three to four days? If you didn't, the strong acids your stomach uses to digest food would also digest your stomach.

    The average person, man or woman, blinks about 13 times a minute.

    Similar to fingerprints, everyone also has a unique tongue print.

    Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour. That works out to about 1.5 pounds each year, so the average person will lose around 105 pounds of skin by age 70.

    Nails and hair do not continue to grow after we die. They do appear longer when we die, however, as the skin dehydrates and pulls back from the nail beds and scalp.

    We start off life with 350 bones, but because bones fuse together during growth, we end up with only 206 as adults.

    Your nose is not as sensitive as a dog's, but it can remember 50,000 different scents.

    The width of your armspan stretched out is the length of your whole body. While not exact down to the last millimeter, your armspan is a pretty good estimator of your height.

    The small intestine is about four times as long as the average adult is tall. If it weren't looped back and forth upon itself, its length of 18 to 23 feet wouldn't fit into the abdominal cavity, making things rather messy.

    You use 200 muscles to take one step. Depending on how you divide up muscle groups, just to take a single step you use somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 muscles. That’s a lot of work for the muscles considering most of us take about 10,000 steps a day.

There are still lots of unusual facts about our human body that were once you thought just ordinary. But no... Just take a second closser look.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

**Interesting Facts about MAINE

interesting MAINE facts pic

Before we go to the interesting and fun facts about Maine. Let us first have a brief introduction of Maine, to somehow add some spice. Well, Maine is a state in northern New England in the United States. It is bounded by the Canadian provinces of Qu├ębec on the northwest and New Brunswick on the northeast. To the southwest lies New Hampshire, and to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean. Maine entered the Union on March 15, 1820, when it was separated from Massachusetts to form the 23rd state. The name Maine probably originated as the word used by English explorers to refer to the mainland; it may also be derived from the province and region of Maine in northwestern France. Augusta is Maine’s capital. Portland is the largest city. Because of Maine’s proximity to some of the finest fishing grounds in the Atlantic, most early settlers turned to fishing for their livelihood. Later, Maine became an important shipbuilding and trading center. Its ruggedly beautiful coast, indented with many natural harbors, has made the state a popular summer resort area and a haven for artists. Maine’s rich supply of lumber has also influenced the course of the state’s development, perhaps even more than the sea. Nicknamed the Pine Tree State, Maine continues to be largely woodland, and its leading industries rely on wood as a raw material.

Now for the interesting facts about MAINE:

-Maine is the only state in the United States whose name has one syllable.
-Maine’s earliest inhabitants were descendants of Ice Age hunters.
-Because Cushnoc Island in the Kennebec River at Augusta was a navigation hazard, the people there hitched 200 oxen to the island, but they failed to move it an inch.
-Maine is the only state that shares its border with only one other state.
-Eastport is the most eastern city in the United States. The city is considered the first place in the United States to receive the rays of the morning sun.
-Bath is known as the City of Ships.
-Approximately 40 millions pounds (nearly 90 percent) of the nation's lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine.
-Aroostook County at 6,453 square miles covers an area greater than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
-Joshua L. Chamberlain born in Brewer received the only battlefield promotion to General during the Civil War. He was also the last Civil War soldier to die of wounds incurred in the War.
-In Wilton there's a cannery that imports and cans only dandelion greens.
-Barney Beal of Beal's Island was a noted strongman who could knock out a horse with one blow and who once bested 15 men in a tavern dispute.
-Portland was first temporarily selected as the state capital. In 1832 the capital was moved to the centrally located site of Augusta.
-Samuel Francis Smith of Waterville gave the nation "America" ("My Country, 'Tis of Thee"), which many believe should be the national anthem.
-Acadia National Park is the second most visited national park in the United States.
-The first European settlers in Maine brought timber in their ships to build houses and were astonished that their new home had its own magnificent forests.
-In 1641 America's first chartered city was York.
-Thanksgiving in Maine predated the Pilgrims. The Etchimin Indians celebrated for two weeks in autumn. Their feasts included turkey, cranberries, popcorn, and other familiar delicacies.
-The chickadee is the official state bird.
-Maine lies farther northeast than any other state.
-Maine's nickname as the Pine Tree State comes from the pines that once dotted the state's forests.
-With a total area of 33,215 square miles the state covers nearly as many square miles as the other five New England states combined.
-The state flower is the white pine cone and tassel.
-The coastline boasts so many deep harbors it is thought all the navies in the world could anchor in them.
-Maine lobsters have won international fame for their flavor and contribution to the culinary world.
-The Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport houses numerous historic buildings and marine memorabilia.
-Fort Knox erected in 1844 is a state historic site originally built to protect the Penobscot River Valley from British naval attack. The fort was constructed from granite from nearby Mount Waldo.
-Numerous lighthouses dot the Main coast including Fort Point Lighthouse at Fort Point State Park in Stockton Springs and Grindle Point Lighthouse on Isleboro.
-The Sailor's Memorial Museum in Isleboro features displays depicting life at sea.
-West Quoddy Head is the most easterly point in the United States.
-Augusta is the most eastern capital city in the United States.
-Mount Katahdin is the state's highest point at 5,268 feet above sea level.
-Togus was the first Veteran's Hospital in the United States. The facility was founded in 1866.
-An unsuccessful attempt at establishing a permanent English settlement in the New World was at the location now known as Popham Beach. Sir George Popham led the expedition in 1607.
-90% of the country's toothpick supply is produced in Maine.
-Portland is the birthplace of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
-Senator Margaret Chase Smith stood up in the senate and gave the famous Declaration of Conscious speech, speaking out against the McCarthy era. Senator Smith was the first female presidential candidate.
-Author Steven King is a resident of Bangor.
-Former President George Bush has a summer home in Kennebunkport.
-Freeport is the home to the L.L. Bean Company.
-The skating scene in the movie "The Preacher's Wife" was filmed in Deering Oaks Park in Portland.
-Maine contains 542,629 acres of state and national parks.
-Edmund S. Muskie became the first Democratic United States senator ever elected by popular vote in Maine. He was also elected governor for two terms. He was born in Rumford.
-Eastport is the only United States owned principality that has been under rule by a foreign government. It was held from 1814 to 1818 by British troops under King George following the conclusion of the War of 1812.
-Maine's government entities are comprised of 16 counties with 22 cities, 435 towns, 33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships and 3 Indian reservations.
-Located in Thorndike Village, the Bryant Stove Works and Museum displays an eclectic collection of antique cast iron stoves, parlor heaters, roadsters and touring cars. In addition, the museum features antique layer pianos, pipe organs and music boxes, calliopes, nickelodeons, and hurdy-gurdys.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was considered the most influential poet of his day. The writer was born in Portland, on February 2, 1807. His most popular works include "The Courtship of Miles Standish", "Evangeline" and "Hiawatha".
-The nation's first sawmill was established near York in 1623.
-York became the nation's first incorporated city in 1642.
-The first ship build by English colonists in Americas was launched on the Kennebec River in 1607.
-The first naval battle of the Revolutionary War was fought off Machias in 1775.
-Maine was admitted to the Union as the 23rd state on March 15, 1820.
-Maine's blueberry crop is the largest in the nation.
-The honeybee is the official state insect.