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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The George Story

Hello everyone... Thank you very much for visiting by often at my humble blog. I really appreciate every bit of it. Now, I would just like to inform everybody that OnLine RoOm shall be adding a new set of interesting stuff. Well, the thing is all my posts are not all intended to what OnLine RoOm is built for. Some of my posts are from sponsored posts programs, and it is some what like distracting to the flow of my posts. But earning extra cash also is not that bad especially for those who are still studying at school like me. So, what I am trying to do now is I will try to make my sponsored posts as interesting as possible and can somehow connect to the main purpose of OnLine RoOm. I tried it on my 2 previous sponsored posts and it somehow blends almost perfect. So I planned to make it official.

Let me introduce you to "The George Story". The George Story is a unique and interesting story that will be based on almost all of the sponsored post that I will be having. Its main characters are of course, George, and his pregnant wife Brenda (for now). As the story progresses with every sponsored post, maybe some characters will be added. The story started as George being a farmer and still proposing to Brenda until they got married with Cash Advance as a big factor why they got married, then George got his leg crippled and ended up on a wheelchair, with that he can no longer work temporarily, so he started doing online business as a means of living with the help of Ashop... You can read the whole story at
TGS1 and TGS2 (these were somewhat like my prototypes of TGS). The setting is on far far away town, a town where farming is their main means of living.

Well, I hope this step that I will be having will be successful. Expect to see more of George and Brenda in the future because, I hereby declare The George Story, online!!

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