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Monday, October 01, 2007

George Loves Ashop!

Meet George, a 24 year old lovely husband living at far far away town. He just got married a week ago with Brenda after proposing for one whole year. George is really that persevering when it comes to love. One day, George got his leg crippled after being hit by a cow in the farm he worked at. Now, George won't be able to go to work for 3 months because of his condition, unfortunately so as Brenda because she is pregnant.

What will happen now? Where will they find money for their activities of daily living?

Whooow whooow... No worries! Good thing George knew about Ashop! And he has a computer and just got connected with Internet yesterday. With Ashop, George can earn through selling online even with his crippled legs. Through Ashop, George will be able to make an online store that is secure, web based, customizable, and very affordable. Also he doesn't have to worry installing software on his computer because Ashop Commerce is a web based shopping cart software. They are a world-class provider of shopping cart software, Internet programming and digital imaging who cater towards any class of online business. So even with their current condition, doing business is still not a problem.

After 3 months, George will be able to walk normal again, but he doesn't need to go back working at the farm anymore. And Brenda doesn't have to worry about George getting hit by a cow anymore. Why? Because he will have his own business inside his own house, in his room with his own computer with internet. Got it?