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Friday, October 12, 2007

Interesting Heart of A Shrimp

Who loves to eat shrimps here? Hmmmm Yummy! Me, I love eating shrimps! Any dish will do as long as it has shrimps on it. I don't mind my allergy occurring everytime I eat a shrimp, I mind it only after I finished eating it. LOL.

Well, so much for that. For those of you who still doesn't know, a shrimps heart is located on its head. Interesting isn't it? Well, scientifically, if we base it on the exact anatomy of a shrimp, its heart is located on its thorax just after the head, but both the head and the thorax are covered with a single exoskeleton only, that is why the shrimps thorax can be mistaken as still part of the shrimps head. But in general, we see a shrimp divided only into 2 parts, the head and the tail, we see no thorax in it :). With that we can still say that a shrimps heart is on its head. So it's still interesting! Ayaw nag palag! Hahaha!

In case you were wondering where the shrimps brain is, well, it is located on its chest... LOL *joke!*. It is actually located on the shrimps true head, just after its eyes.

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