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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sorry for not posting :)

Hello everyone... Sorry If I have not been posting a few days now.

There are actually two reasons for this absence that I have. First is, I thought that I already have all the time to do my blogging since its our semestral break at school. But I was wrong. Things to do still keeps on coming! My goodness! I tell you, studying nursing is like being a patient yourself! STRESS is the word if you take up nursing. Well, I don't know if it is only at our school that is giving us this hard time. Well, I am not surprised as well, after being number 1 at the Philippine Nursing Board exam, and is now currently the number 1 nursing school in the Philippines. And they are really trying hard to maintain it that way. No wonder they are giving us this tough stuffs.

Second, our PC was broken, or sort of. It doesn't start up! Its been Monday since I've been using my cousins laptop which I can only use at night. Actually, I'm here on an internet cafe making this post... Wheeeew! Blogging is a tough job. LOL!

And unfortunately, I WILL BE LEAVING FOR OUR PSYCHIATRIC NURSING AFFILIATION FOR 2WEEKS THIS SATURDAY. That means, I will be having a problem making posts when I get there. It will be an another STRESSFUL week for me.

Well, I hope you'll bare with me even with this tough blogging that I am and I will be going through. Thank you and take care all!
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