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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unusual and interesting facts about GOLD

There are several hidden facts about gold that you may not know. And you may be interested in knowing how gold actually came to be used as a jewelry in ancient times. Many people are under the wrong notion that gold comes in only 2 colors- golden and white. But you may be surprised to know about all the colors available in gold.

Gold is used as jewelry from time immemorial. It was used in ancient civilizations in almost all the countries. It was always used to adorn the kings and queens and to decorate their palaces. Gold has its own place in the history of mankind and stands apart from other metals. When we think of gold , only one color comes to our mind – yellow. Think a bit deeper, and we get the idea of white gold. But you will be surprised to know the various colors in which gold is available. It comes in pink, green, purple, blue and black color too. White Gold is actually a gold alloy that appears white. These days, it has become more fashionable and trendy than the traditional yellow gold. The best part about it is that it goes with all kinds of looks and dresses. We often hear the term ‘karat’. It refers to the amount of gold used in proportion to other metals. We get gold in several karats – 24, 18, 14, 10 etc. But don’t misunderstand the word ‘karat’ for ‘carat. is a revolutionary way for individuals to buy and sell gold bullion online, direct to each other in a selection international vaults - in London, New York or Switzerland.

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Gold has doubled in value over the past 5 years to $800/oz, as the world economy strains under the excessive printing of dollars, and other currencies. The U.S. trade deficit alone is running at $700bn per year. Also, with the credit-crunch taking effect people are buying gold to protect their wealth from possible bank panics.

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