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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Berlin and Vienna interesting attractions

Have you been to places like Berlin? Or if not, how about Vienna? And if still not, well if you have the money, I suggest you should go there on your next vacation. Dont worry about where and what Hotels in Berlin or Hotels in Vienna to stay.

In Berlin, a rich cultural heritage is being maintained. This is evident in the many historical and modern monuments of its cultural heritage. Some of the most popular tourist Berlin Attractions are Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Neue Wache, Brandenburg Gate, and Charlottenburg Palace. The Brandenburg Gate, which is one of Berlin's most famous landmark, is over 200 years old. Till the year 1989, it divided East and West Berlin and Germany. When the Berlin Wall was torn down in November 1989, huge celebrations were held here. Today, it has become a symbol of national unity. This area, which was sealed off in 1961 when the Berlin Wall came up, is today freely accessible to the public. In Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is the primate city of the country and one of the nine States of Austria. Places of attraction includes Inner City, Hofburg -Imperial Palace, winter residence, Kahlenberg and Parliament are the important places of interest in the city. The Albertina --a museum that has most important graphic arts collection in the world, Beethoven historic sites -historical sites associated with composer Ludwig van Beethoven, Burgtheater -federal theatre in Vienna, Deutschordenskirche -a church, Donauturm -the Danube Tower, Gasometers in Vienna, The Heldenplatz -a historical plaza, Hundertwasser House Vienna -an apartment house in Vienna and Viennese City Park fascinate the tourists visiting here.

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