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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hart Cart 300cc UTV on Hart Marketing Inc dot com

Are you looking for a great site where you can have the most for your Utility Vehicle budget? Well, I have just the perfect site for you where you can compare even the very details of your desired UTVs on a wide range of UTV collection. hart marketing inc dot com is a direct importer of affordable utility vehicles or UTVs. Just browse through their range of hart carts and compare to brand names like Yamaha Rhino UTV, Kawasaki Mule UTV, John Deere Gator UTV and many others, then you will find that you can actually get a better value of UTV for less at Hart Marketing Inc.

One of the many UTVs worth reviewing is the Hart Cart 300cc UTV 4×2 Utility Vehicle. The engine is of a 300cc single cylinder, 4-stroke and water cooled. It is made by Jiangsu Linhai Yamaha Motor Company Limited, which is a joint venture of a Chinese company and Yamaha of Japan.

This UTV is the most reliable 300cc utility vehicle in China at the moment, with some of its unbeatable features and specifications as follows:

The utility vehicle is of automatic transmission with shaft drive. It has 3 levers to control – forward, neutral and reverse. The technology used to manufacture this UTV is from the car industry. It has maximum speed up to 33mph, 22 horse power, turning radius of 145 inches, CDI ignition, keyed electric start and a 12 volt battery. Both front and rear suspensions are of dual hydraulic shocks. This allows driver to adjust dampening to match the specific driving conditions. Both front and rear brakes are of foot controlled drum brakes. Both front and rear tires have the dimension of 25” x 8” x 15”. The UTV uses regular unleaded gasoline and has a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons. The unit comes already filled with engine oil. The chassis uses 11 gauge steel frames which differ from others that use 14, 16 or even 18 gauge steel frames. This makes Hart Cart 300cc UTV 4×2 Utility Vehicle’s chassis thicker than others. The floorboard and kickboard are made of steel diamond plate which is skid proof as well as wear resistant. The chassis has ground clearance of 7.2”. The chassis has dimension of 103.5” x 49” x 75”. Each bucket seat is 16.7” wide. The measurement from ground to top of the seat is 32.5”. So, there is plenty of headroom for either a 5’8” or a 6’8” person. Sitting inside this vehicle, you can easily reach the gas and brake pedals. This vehicle has wheel base of 71”. The front wheel span is 41.6” while the rear wheel span is 42.1”. The whole UTV weighs around 1190 pounds. The weight in packaging meanwhile, is 1320 pounds. This utility vehicle has rear automatic lift bed, which is controlled by switch on dashboard. The utility vehicle has a digital dashboard where one can find speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine temperature indicator as well as fuel gauge. It has an engine kill switch as well as a dump control switch. The UTV uses a glass windshield that protects riders from flying insects and rain. Most of the brand names use plastic windshield that fades to a yellowish color with time. Other budget UTVs have no windshield. It has a 2000 pound power wench. It takes only 2 to 3 hours to assemble the UTV. It comes with a very detailed step by step assembly instructions consisting of pictures. These vehicles are similar to other gasoline engines and can easily be repaired by local car repairs.

All products sold by Hart Marketing Inc. have a 90-day unlimited miles warranty. This includes the Hart Cart 300cc UTV 4×2 Utility Vehicle. This warranty covers all parts necessary to restore the UTV back to working condition and is valid for 90 days after delivery date.

The Hart Cart 300cc UTV 4×2 Utility Vehicle is currently available at a price of $4,695, a discount of nearly 51% if compared to normal price of $9,495. Order online now and get free shipping. You may save yourself up to $1,200 of shipping fees. Hurry up!