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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unusual Facts About Theodore Roosevelt

unusual facts about Theodore Roosevelt picWhile I was searching on the web for interesting and unusual facts about presidents, I stumbled across this small list of unusual facts about Theodore Roosevelt. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.


1. The Teddy Bear is named after Teddy Roosevelt. While hunting in Mississippi during his presidency, a few of the men in Roosevelt's party treed a small black bear and summoned Roosevelt so that he could take the shot. Roosevelt decided that killing the young, trapped bear was not sporting, and spared it. A New York toymaker heard the story, and asked Roosevelt's permission before styling a child's stuffed toy bear as the "Teddy Bear". Roosevelt gave his permission, noting that he did not expect many sales.

2. Maxwell House coffee once asked the President what he thought of their product. He responded: "I'ts good to the last drop". Sound familiar?

3. Once while preparing to give a speech in the Milwaukee during a campaign, a crazed man attempted to assassinate Roosevelt, and shot him with a pistol at nearly point blank range. Roosevelt declared "it will take more than that to kill a bull moose!" and finished the lengthy speech before visiting a hospital.

4. After Roosevelt retired from politics, he led an expedition in South America to find the source of a river known as "the River of Doubt". Most of the party died, and Roosevelt caught the fever yet survived. The river is now named "Rio Roosevelt."

5. Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace prize for mediating the Russo-Japanese war. Although an aggressive president when it came to military matters, he is the only president to have been awarded the honor while President of the United States.

6. After he left office in 1909, Roosevelt went on an African safari that netted many of the specimens that now stock the Smithsonian Institute.

7. Roosevelt welcomed "the strenuous life"--engaging in daunting physical tests and venturing into hostile locations, even though, taking inflation into account, he was likely the richest president in history due to his family's estate.

8. Most of the original National Parks and the National Park system were created by Roosevelt.

9. Roosevelt was the first to dub the executive mansion "The White House".

10. Roosevelt authored over 25 books.

11. Roosevelt garnered a larger portion of the popular vote as a third-party candidate (the Bull Moose Party) than anyone in U.S. history.