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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Interesting Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

interesting facts about napoleon bonaparte picNapoleon Bonaparte... The good old Sir Napoleone Bonaparte. Strong, arrogant, ambitious, and secretly... A man suffering from hemorrhoids. Yes you heard me, that disgusting hemorrhoid that's sticking between your soft bouncing butt =).

Year 2001 when it was first identified by Dr. Paul Wolf. The great Napoleon Bonaparte could have won the Battle of Waterloo if not only with that hemroid he had. He could have the chance and advantage from the British by attacking earlier in the day, but Napoleon Bonaparte delayed his attack because he suffered greatly from hemroid pain that morning. By the time the afternoon came, the weather and so on, comes their disadvantage. And comes the British advantage.

Napoleon Bonaparte suffered greatly from hemroid pain during many of his battles, as the tension of battle apparently caused his sphincter muscles to tighten horrendously on his hemroids, thereby generating massive pain and discomfort for him. Bad hemroid!

Napoleon Bonaparte used bathing to help control his hemroid pain, but during the battle of Waterloo he was having a hard time dealing with constipation, which made his discomfort and possibly his pain much worse and, he had no time to sit in a bath to ease his miserable state.

Poor Napoleon Bonaparte. The greatest French general of all time - who is having a fight with his own hemroid, as persisting as him. =)