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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No more FOOLish credit cards

Having difficulty with your credit cards? What credit card is best suited for your lifestyle or work? Why not try comparing a wide range of credit cards. Well if you do, I think you should also start considering sites like

Oh by the way, what is with the name? Don't worry, their name comes from Shakespeare's As You Like It. In Shakespeare's day, Fools were the happy fellows paid to entertain the king and queen with self-effacing humour that instructed as it amused. In fact, Fools were only members of their societies who could tell the truth to the king or queen without losing their heads. So nevermind that foolish name :) All the comparisons are real and based on standards.They have taken care of all the fields which a person can think when comparing various cards.

They do not only provide a comparison tool but also they have the ability to allow you to apply for a credit card directly from their website. You get to compare between low interest credit card here at the Fool. One can also find some information about the interest free credit cards which are available. Even if you have not yet tried out any of the credit cards because of the risk involved then you should go through the Credit Card guide to get some resources and start using credit cards.