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Sunday, January 06, 2008

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It's not that simple being old. Lots of painful adjustments are inorder to cope up with old age. One major problem on this is loneliness. That is why if one plans to have a caregiver, it is really important to have a caregiver who knows what is best for that someone to be cared for.

Loneliness is undesirable and personal: what for one person may be acceptable solitude may for another be anguish. The negative stereotype of old age includes loneliness, but the problem seriously affects only one in 10 older people. Certain people are prone to loneliness--bereaved people, immigrants, and those limited by physical disabilities--but loneliness can be exacerbated by lack of money and may occur among those in institutional care as well as older caregivers. Loneliness may be described as an unwelcome feeling of lack or loss of companionship, or feeling that one is alone and not liking it. It is essentially undesirable and it may have implications for the health of the person experiencing it.

Most older adults would prefer to live at home, but it's not always easy to figure out whether that's feasible. A quick look at your situation and that of your aging loved one will give you a good start on identifying the types of care and services you might need. With that,
Medicare and Medicaid Resources plays its vital roles. Medicare and Medicaid are different and separate programs. Medicare is a federal health insurance program primarily for older adults. Medicaid is an assistance program for people with low incomes. Medicare doesn’t cover most long term care expenses, but learning how to maximize its benefits is an essential step toward meeting the costs of aging. In most states, Medicaid covers nursing home costs and provides some assistance to qualified caregivers. Even if your loved one is financially comfortable today, it’s a good idea to learn about Medicaid.

So its not just about having a caregiver, it also involves what happened before that. For
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