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Friday, November 16, 2007

PayPerPost is so interesting!

My blog is about 4 and a half months old now. And it is been awhile since I have been submitting, and resubmitting my blog to PPP. It's like this...

The very first time I submitted my blog to PPP was when my blog was just 1 month old. I was searching the net for tips and ways how to make money online. Searching searching searching, until I bumped to some blog saying something about making money through writing. Whoow... I said to myself, this is what I am looking for! This is it! I love to write, at the same time I love to have some molah with the use of my blog! One of the names that were mentioned on the blog was "PayPerPost". Excited and without having any hesitations, I immediately clicked the link, filled up the form, then submitted my blog without even having a reasonable idea about the blog requirements and all that stuff. Well, of course my blog was rejected, what did you expect? Then I researched about how blogging works, how to earn through blogging, traffic, links, PR, and all that stuffs! Then I learned, and then learned, then learned... After correcting some mistakes why my blog was rejected, I then resubmitted my blog again to PPP. This Time, it was a Success! Yahoooo!

Now I can taste the molahs from PPP! I am sure I will have a brighter blogging future through PPP. If it works for me, why not for you? Well, if you don't have any blogs yet. Have no worries, PPP can help you have your own
blog too!