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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Some stuffs in the Kitchen that could probably save your life

I’m going to share with you these simple yet very useful article I received from my friend through email. And yes I agree with it. I think the purpose of God when He created grass, herb and fruit tree and give it to Adam was not only for his food consumption but also for his medication. We have plenty of medicinal herbs in our backyard and farms anywhere but only few medical people endorse them for our use. Nature given medicinal plants are effective, very cheap and without any harmful effects. We have plenty of herbal plants which we can utilize for healing of all sorts of ailments. Just be reminded that all drugs in capsules, tablets and liquids are processed herbal plants used commercially for profit.

When we’re feeling sick, we look at the medicine cabinet to see what medicine we can take. We should check out the pantry instead. Many everyday ingredients can treat different ailments and unlike drugs, they are inexpensive and yet effective.

Here are some interesting kitchen stuffs:


Honey is good for cuts and scrapes. It has three powerful components: sugar for absorbing moisture so bacteria can’t survive, hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and propolis to kill bacteria. Plus, the honey dries to form natural bandage. Just spread thickly over the infected area.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is actually the basis of many skin moisturizers. For eczema, rub olive oil on the skin to keep it from drying out.

Spicy dish
Good for a stuffy nose or congestion, spicy dishes loosen the mucus by making the eyes and nose run.


Garlic is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and an antioxidant so it has many uses. Take garlic when you have a cold to fight the infection and boost the immune system. Mix together minced garlic, warm water and honey for taste. Leave the garlic in the mixture for a few minutes then swallow without chewing. Another way of taking it is by chewing raw garlic cloves with honey. Repeat every two to three hours. Garlic can also be used for athlete’s foot due to its antifungal nature. Simply rub a clove of raw garlic to the affected area. Garlic is the secret to long life. It boosts our immune system, killing and neutralizing viruses that's harmful to our body and the Chinese knows this fact thousand of years ago.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is used to remove odor so it makes weird sense that you use it for body odor as well. Sprinkling baking soda on your armpits and feet will reduce the moisture you produce.

Chamomile Tea
Wrapping cold, wet tea bags in paper towels can help sooth itchy eyes from colds or hay fever. The tannic acid in tea reduces the itch. Chamomile tea can also be used for calluses. Soak your feet in a diluted chamomile tea bath to soften the hard skin.

Ginger has anti-sickness properties so it can help in nausea. Pregnant women can also relieve morning sickness by taking ginger biscuits.

Turmeric is good for treating many skin ailments. It can be used to sooth acne, scrapes and sunburn. Mix several drops of water with ½ teaspoon of powdered turmeric to make a thin paste. Apply the mixture on the blemishes or sunburn and leave for an hour. Be sure to rinse after because turmeric stains.

Rice Water
Bangladeshis have been using rice water as a treatment for diarrhea forever. The proteins in the rice help stabilize the bowel and it’s tastier than any medicine.

Who knew that aside from being a yummy snack, bananas can be used for bug bites? All you have to do is eat the fruit and apply the banana peel fruit side down on the bite. Hold it there until the itching subsides.