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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List of best web hosting company

Web hosting as we all know is getting more popular as times goes by. As online users are getting more oriented about the web, the need of web hosting companies are also increasing its demand. Kaushal Sheth, I'm not quite familiar with but I heard that he is finding the best web hosting companies online, and he is open for suggestions and reviews about the best web hosting company, in which he could add it on his list of best web hosting company that he is currently making.

Well as for me, this I can suggest. BlueHost Web Hosting. BlueHost provides a hosting solution that can fit the needs of individuals and small to medium sized business owners. For anyone looking for a nice hosting plan at a very affordable price, they offer an excellent solution. BlueHost offers quality customer service and support. Their support staff is highly knowledgeable and very friendly. Bluehost uses quality hosting equipment so that they can offer reliable hosting solutions. This hosting plan offers a nice amount of disk space and bandwidth at a low cost. Their hosting solution includes many features and applications as well as a free domain name. Their one size hosting plan also offers ecommerce features, multimedia features, site promotion features and more. For any individual or small to even medium sized business website, BlueHost can often be an excellent cost. It is an especially great service for customers who do not have a great deal to spend on hosting each month but who are still looking for highly reliable hosting solutions. BlueHost provides excellent hosting services that are of a high quality and very reliable. Their support staff is always there to help customers and potential clients every step of the way. In my experience with BlueHost they are absolutely superb. They provide a wonderful service at such a low monthly fee. High quality, reliability and excellent customer service are all qualities one benefits from when hosting with BlueHost web hosting.

BlueHost Plan Overview

- 15,000 GB Transfer
- 1,500 GB Disk Space
- 2500 Pop e-Mails
- CGI, PHP, Frontpage
- e-Commerce enabled
- Host 6 Websites
- 24/7 Support
- Free Setup
- Free Domain


Well that's it for me Kaushal Seth. I hope this helps and might even included in your list of best web hosting companies.