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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Advance Happy Christmas to Me!!

Wheeew! It's still too early to celebrate Christmas, but it seems that I am having my Christmas gifts in advance! My gosh, I cant keep myself from smiling. I am really really proud, glad, happy, grateful (unsa pa jud?) to have friends like Marzie and ate Ana. They're the greatest! I wish I could have a heart as huge as theirs...

Well, you want to know my gifts?
First is from ate Ana... But I think her gift is much better kept secret... LOL... All I can say is, she answered the biggest problem I was having since 2 months. I really dont know how to thank her. If you are really curious about the gift, try asking her. lol... THANK YOU TE!!

Second is from Marzie. I just come up with a name that for me best describes her.
MARZIE "my all time santa clause" Haha! I made her my inspiration in my blogging world. Marzie, I am your all time fan! She is full of surprises! Again, I was awarded by her. Thank you Marzie, the Genie Princes! :D

These are my 2nd and 3rd time awards given by Marzie... This time, I will be passing these awards to my Pinoy friends.
Come and get it

Para sa inyo toh!
ate Ana (again)
ate Rea
-kuya Rolly

-Texas Tweety (aw! sweetie diay!)
ate Ruth

Well, I think thats it... Advance Happy Christmas to you all!! Thanks!

(Great friends I havnt mentioned here: Janice, NAFA, Jean, Bobby, Emila)

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