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Friday, July 27, 2007

HELP... I'm Going RED!!

HELLO??!! Somebody out there?? Helloooo?? *sighs* Same as usual... I'm sick and tired of this ZERO TRAFFIC that I have!

As I was watching my blog stats, I realized that with this number of visits I have, I know there is something wrong with my blog, and that something is what I am trying to figure out until now. I believe that my content is not that bad, my template is not that ugly, and I have a chatroom, except no one is using it but me... But why do I have this very very low traffic? so low that I considered it as ZERO... a minimum of ZERO and a maximum of 10... that's it... no more no less..

I feel sad because I really love to know lots of people and make friends, share stories and insights... I love everything about blogging, but I guess the world of blogging doesn't like me.. I really hope not!

I thought that after finishing this blog, bloggers and everyone online will flood my blog... but I was wrong. It seems that there is somthing lacking... For these reasons, maybe it's time for change of plans... I planned to talk directly to every blogger whom I believe who can help me, and beg them to help me and give some advice... This is the only thing I can think of in order to save my blog from being evaporated...

If ever someone is reading this right now, I really need your help. Tell me what is wrong with this blog, and what is the best way I can do to raise my traffic even just a very small percent.Please feel free to leave your comment and suggestions.

Thank you and take care...