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Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Summary... =)

Hello all...
Before anything else. Let me first enumerate my original plans for onlineroom right before I started developing it. The very first thing that popped into my mind was,
  • next, the CONTENT
  • then the TRAFFIC

For the first two weeks of life of onlineroom, I focused myself on making its layout to what really soothes my eyes. Well, it takes two long weeks because I was still adjusting, self exploring and familiarizing myself to the different buttons, functions, settings, templates, etc... of how to make a blog. I was new to blogging actually, and it was my very first time to utilize all the functions of Well, anyhow, after constant modifications and trial & error, I finally managed to come up with a good layout. And here it is. On the top is my ONLiNE ROOM header (I made it using my windows paint only). on the left side is the paloozahead which I got the link from my friend on friendster. Then at the center is my introduction in which I really love staring at everytime I log in. And then there is the chatroom which is to me is the main dish of my blog, but it turned out not so. Also, at this time I started submitting my blog to blog directories.

After, finishing my foundations, I then turned my attention to my contents, although I haven't really made lots of it because my time was really limited due to some school stuff. But eventhough it was just few, I love reading it over and over again, it entertains me...LOL. But now, I am trying my best to have at least 1 post each day spite of my divided time.

And now, currently, my status is "FINDING THAT TRAFFIC". I have finally come to the most important part ant recipe of blogging. The TRAFFIC, which is considered as the Blood of Blogging. Its is the one that keeps the blogger's blog alive and worthy. But it is really sad, unfortunate, frustrating, time consuming, stressing, energy draining, temper raising,discouraging, and heartbreaking for me to still see my blog status having less than 30 visitors a day (ouch, my heart aches everytime I mention that). There was this one time that I really want to stop blogging, and I blamed it to my blog itself. I thought that my layout was not really appealing to others, it is very ugly, my contents are all nonsense, and my chat is useless. With there reasons, I have come to a desperate situation and I really needed help. So I planned to contact bloggers personally and ask some help and advice. What is wrong with my blog?? Well, thank goodness I received positive responses from other bloggers. They said that there is nothing wrong with my actual blog, and their point is that TRAFFIC is achieved not only by beauty of the blog, but by making friends with other bloggers, and keeping in touch with them. Also the content must be relevant and nice so that readers shall build up.

I did all their advice, so far I have seen some improvements. Thanks to the people who supported me. Actually, they were the first bloggers whom I treated as friends and visited there blogs often. I will make a post for them sooner (if I already have that reasonable TRAFFIC) so that many will know them.

This is all.. Hahaha

Check my post just above this, titled "Let Us Make Some TRAFFIC" and kindly participate if its okay.

Thank you and take care!